Corporation can now better manage staff leave recording with 100% accuracy.

Employees have to apply leave on website or smart phone.
  • Leave form filling applications face the disadvantage of delay recording. The employee’s leave application form has moved to the approval process. There are incidents of loss approved hard copy leave applications not reaching the final leave recording ledgers. The unrecorded approved leave forms increase the labour cost of the company.
  • Our online easy, fast electronic leave management software with powerful features, remove physical movements of documents. This improved leave process enables managers and Human Relations, “HR”, to be able to view the company’s leave situation in calendar picture. Now managements can make decisive, on-the-spot approval decisions, when the department’s leaves are displayed in one calendar month.
  • Our soEasyLeave is able to meet HR standard leave policies. The soEasyLeave can be used in “special cases” that allow decisions to be made on compassionate objective.
  • The advantages of the soEasyLeave result in substantial cost savings and manpower.
  • For less than $8 per user, per month small companies can enjoyed the benefits of soEasyLeave. Why wait as you can start using this flexible and easy Leave Management System.  There is no need for you to invest in hardware and software. You need only an Internet connection to enjoy the benefits soEasyLeave brings to you and your employees.