Corporation can now better manage staff leave recording with 100% accuracy.

soEasyLeave is a new smart online leave management monitoring tool to benefit your company.
  1. SoEasyLeave is a integrated leave management system designed for SMEs to manage and control its employees leave movements.
  2. SoEasyLeave is an inexpensive online  Leave management software that improved control and increase productivity.
  3. SoEasyLeave is easy to use by computer, ipad, iphone  or any smart phone, anywhere and anytime.
  4. SoEasyLeave is paperless, automatically managed, real time recording of approved leave taken.
  5. SoEasyLeave is hassle-free absence management with complete leave reports to measure productivity and manpower cost.

How soEasyLeave works.

Unique features found in soEasyLeave online leave management system. Automatic, self service and paperless using the power of internet technology to provide you an easy user friendly application on the move.

  1. Apply leave using iphone or smart phone or internet computer.
  2. Quick reply from supervisor - approved, rejected or pending status.
  3. Attendance calendar displays graphically the number of employees on leave and dates.
  4. Immediate supervisor can delegate another person to act while his is absence.
  5. Group leave can be applied with just one click during plant shut down period.
  6. Import opening leave balance from previous program is just a click away.
  7. Secured by private login details and password to allow authorised employees to access the system.
  8. Data are daily backup by secured hardware.

Your leave application is customized to suit your company's leave policy.